Copywriting Tips:- 8 Tips To Write Good Sales Copy.
Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips:- 8 Tips To Write Good Sales Copy.

Copywriting has now become the best way to get the Client and Sales. Day to Day competition are getting high in sales so the demand of copywriters are increasing.

So, Now a days many New comers are Entering the World of copywriting. 

These Copywriting tips are for them who have started but not getting sales and Also for Beginners. 

No matter I have Come Up With 8 Tips which can help a Newbies And the Beginner To Write a Good Copy. 

These Tips are made by seeing 173 Copies which is not doing well and compared with  19 Successful copies which has got great sales and  then concluded with these 8 Tips.



Copywriting Tips

#1. Write Good Title

To Write A good Title is the Most Important Part in Copywriting. 

It takes Too Much Of Effort to choose the Best and Perfect Title. 

I can Say that Title is the face of your Post Or Content.

Your Post is firstly judged by Its Title.

The more Attractive title you Write more will be the CTR (Click Through Rate).

No matters, What you have Written in content. But If your Title Is not Powerful enough to attract till then you will not get your Post Open. 

So, Always Keep Title as your first Priority Content Is the Next or you can say Secondary. 

Make Your Post Perfect and Attractive to get Opened.


#2. Use Smaller Sentences

Use Of Smaller Sentences Should be Your First Priority while Writing.

Long Paragraphs are very Boring and can deflect the mind of the reader. 

So, write one line Paragraphs if possible. and Hardly your Paragraphs should have 4-5 lines.

If you have bigger Paragraphs Its Less Attractive to Eye. Its Appearance is Very Dense.

So, To remove Its Density Break Down The Bigger Paragraphs Into Smaller ones.

Also, Ask Questions While Writing and that Question Will Break Your Paragraph and then You start Again. 


#3. Don’t Show Words Which Shows Individuality or Selfishness.

Use Of Words Like Me, My, Myself, I etc. Should be Avoided in The Post.

Because, Who cares what you are Or What You DO?

If they Ask About you Or Want to Know about You then you can tell them about Yourself. 

But Without being asked Don’t say. 

Also try to Avoid the Words Like You, Your, Yourself, and few more words like that.

I know That To remove You or Your From the Content is very Hard but, Try your Best to Reduce Its Uses. 

Now You will ask that “What word should we use replacing those words?”

Use the Words Like “We, Our, Us etc.” This will put a Psychological  Effect on The Reader and can connect with Us.

Do you want to know that what else should be avoided in copywriting ?

#4. Write Benefits not Features.

This is the Golden Rule Of Marketing. That Always Share the Benefits which the Prospect will get from those features. 

Suppose, If you Are Selling any Software of chat bots then If you write this “This Software is Integrated with A.I. Chat bots”

What will your Prospects Understand If he Is not a Technical Guy. 

Instead, If you Write 

“This Software can save your time by being your chat Assistant. You can sleep at night this Software will work for you.”


“This software can reply to your Customer Instantly if you are not Available at the moment”

So, Convert Your Features into Benefits and then approach anyone.


You can Ask your Client The Question That “What is your needs?”

or If you Already Know the Needs then Write the Copy Based On That. Write Benefits Based On their Needs. That is more converting.  

#5. Use Correct Font Styling.

Use Of Correct Font Styling Will Help You Get More Engagement On your Post. 

Now you Will ask Me what  does this “Correct Font Styling” means?

Let me Explain It.

If you are reading any post Or Sales copy which Has Very Smaller Fonts. Isn’t It Irritating?


If you see a Post With Very Thin Font, It also Irritating.


If you read a copy where space Between the Letters of any word are very small or very big then its again is very Irritating.

So, Avoid These Mistakes and Try to make Every thing Perfect. 

Always read and see your final copy when written. If you find any Problem or less attractive then find the reasons for this then solve that problems and again see its Physical appearance.

If you find your copy Eye friendly and Attractive then its good to deliver.

In short, 

Font should not be too much Smaller, Not too much Bold, not too much Bigger, not too much Thinner, also the spacing should be Perfect. 

#6. Avoid the Use of  “Buy Now” or “Purchase now” Button .

Use of the Call to action Buttons like “Buy Now”, “Purchase Now” Should Be avoided. 

Use of these Buttons can be dangerous to your copy.

Instead of that put Buttons like “Own It”, “Learn more”, “Go to Website”, “Order It” etc. 

In these type of call to action Button you can see that you are Suggesting not selling. 

So, Suggest your client, Don’t sell they will automatically get converted. 

As, I Always mention this Quote of Dan Lok:-

“People hated Being Sold”

So Don’t Try to Sell them. Suggest them so that they can choose their Product themselves.

#7. Use Triggers

This is Small Point But The Main Point.

Copywriters Forget to Put Triggers on the right Position. and This will effect your converted sales to the Bounced sales.

Now you Will Ask me “What Is Triggers?”

Basically, Triggers are the  Call to Action Buttons or links, Which Gives reader an Idea of taking next Action. 

Some of you will say that I put The Triggers even after that I face same Problem.

See you have to Provide Call to Action Button at an Interval regularly.

Means, Put it Twice, Trice, Four Times or Even More based on your necessities.

The best way to understand that how many times should you Be Putting Trigger is :-

Whenever you find that your copy has convinced your Reader then put a Trigger their. This can be done by various way but simple way to do is read yourself or tell any one of your friend to read that and find out what are triggering Point. 

Put The triggers based on your Content size. If its Size is too big increase the number of trigger or If it is short the put at least twice, Once on top and others on bottom.


#8. Understand Color Psychology 

You Know Color Plays Very Crucial role Everywhere.

To Write a good Copy You also can Play with Colors.

You can Learn Color Psychology By Various Books or videos available on Internet. or there are various courses for that. Learn It. 

You Have To Understand the Psychology of your reader. 

Based on Age, Gender etc.

People with different Age Group likes different shades of color. Understand it well this will help you Get more Engagement. Or Indirectly sales depends on Engagements.



Follow These 8 Tips to Write Good Copy and Boost your Sales.

I can say you by following this you will get good response from your Customer, Also from the Client for whom you are Writing, If you are a copywriter.

comment below if you have any more Queries and also write if I missed any tips so that other readers will come to know about it.

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